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Human Geography and Food

The rearing of water animals or the cultivation of water plants for food
To raise two consecutive crops on the same land within a single growing season
A large scale production of crops for sale, intended for widespread distribution to wholesalers and retailers
The group of industries dealing with agriculture produce and services required in farming
designating a method of planting in which soil is not tilled but instead is planted by insertion of seeds in small slits, weeds being controlled by other means
A system of cultivation typical of shifting cultivators; forest floors cleared by fire are then planted
The process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture
The state of having reliable access to sufficient quantity of affordable nutritious food
The action or system of rotating crop
The art or practice of garden cultivation and management
a self-sufficiency farming system in which the farmers focus on growing enough food to feed themselves and their entire families
The science or practice of farming
A period of technology improvement and increased crop productivity that occurred during the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe
who depend on domesticated livestock, migrate in an established territory to find pasturage for their animals
a form of agriculture, used especially in tropical Africa, in which an area of ground is cleared of vegetation and cultivated for a few years and then abandoned for a new area until its fertility has been naturally restored
A large increase in crop production in developing countries achieved by the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and highly yield crop varieties
the action or practice of moving livestock from one grazing ground to another in a seasonal cycle, typically to lowlands in winter and highlands in summer
A cultivated plant that is grown as a food, especially a grain, fruit or vegetable