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US History 2017-2018
African American airmen whose distinguished performance during WW2 led to racial integration of Armed Forces after WW2
Authoritarian Soviet ruler during WW2
Forest straddling border between Luxembourg and Belgium site of Nazi counter-attack of Dec. 1944
1943 Conference during which allies promised to open second Western front against Hitler by invading Europe
Pacific island and 1942 battle/turning point in war between U.S. and Japan
Symbol of women workers who filled factories to assist the war effort in the 1940's
Japanese code name for Midway, discovered by American cryptographers
Code name for beach in Normandy where c. 2,000 U.S. soldiers died on 6/6/44
_____ Gay: B-29 flown by Paul Tibbets, carried atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, 8/6/45
Medal of honor recipient and senator from Hawaii
John R. _____: U.S. soldier awarded Medal of Honor; sacrificed his life to stop German attack in Italy
Fritz Julius _____, leader of German American Bund, speaker at MSG rally in 1939
Key 1942 battle between Soviet and Nazi forces; turning point of WW2
Country with the most soldiers and civilians killed during WW2
Allied Invasion of Normanday in June of 1944
Mercurial but talented U.S. commander who led American forces in N. Africa, Italy and France
Peninsula in the Philippine Island of Luzon; site of murderous 70-mile forced march of U.S. and Filipino captives by their Japanese captors in 1942
Site of American landing in 1942, called Operation Torch; the U.S.'s first major military operation of WW2
Country second only to the USSR in loss of life during WW2
Japanese admiral, lost carriers Hiryu, Soryu, Akagi and Kaga at Midway (1942), committed suicide during Battle of Saipan in 1944