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Geometry crossword puzzle

Straight path that extends in two opposite directions
Polygon with 10 sides. A star is an example of this
A polygon that has 9 sides. can be a type of sign
How likely an event is going to happen. You can figure this out by setting up proportions
It is a shape. This shape is half a circle
an angle whose measure is between 0 and 90 type of angle is another word for small
points that lie on the same line. Points that don’t lie on a different line
Geometric tool used to draw circles. Can be used to draw arcs as well
A type of quadrilateral with two pairs of consecutive sides congruent. None of the opposite sides are congruent
Polygon with 5 sides.
a ray that divides an angle. Divides angle into two congruent angles.
Angles measure add up to 180. Can't add up to be more or less than 180.
Use this word all of the time in life. Another word for if then statement
A polygon with 6 sides. A sign can be this shape
The longest side of a right triangle. Both sides of the triangle squared equals this
Has to be the same distance from both objects. If it is not, it is not equal
two coplanar angles that have a common side and a common vertex. Doesn’t have any common in interior points
Angles measure add up to 90. can't add to be more or less than 90
A shape that has 6 sides. All of the sides are squares
A type of polygon. This polygon has 8 sides