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Lord of the Flies

Who suggested the creation of rules
What was most of the wood
Where was Ralph sitting in the beginning of the chapter
Everybody joined together to make a what
What does Piggy suggest they make first
The fire was built to be used as a
How did they start the fire
Constantly repeated "I got the conch"
What is the shell called
Where was the bathing water
Who found the first intact log
The "drum-roll" is the ____ of the fire
Who were the hunters
Who were the insects (word is verbatim from a character)
Who has the room full of maps
The choir had their hats like what
The fire started on the mountain but ended where
What food source did they have
The ____ are best at everything
Who's idea was it to start a fire
They need a ___ for hunting
What "beast" do they refer to
Who was in charge of tending to the fire the first week
The smoke stretched how far beyond the island