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Physical Science Crossword Puzzle

The entire range of EM waves
Very little or no light is transmitted
The frequency of a sound as you perceive it
Separates visible light into different colors
An area in a medium in which the particles are spread out
The distance between a point on one wave and the same point on the next cycle of waves
A type of cell in the retina that detect colors in bright light
Largest wavelength in the EM spectrum
A wave of changing magnetic and electric fields that can travel through empty space or matter
EM waves that humans can see
Treats some cancer
Lowest point in the waves above rest position
A disturbance in matter that carries energy from one place to another
The material through which a wave travels
Some light is transmitted
A point on a standing wave that has no displacement from the rest position
A technique for determining the distance to an object under water
The time required for one wave cycle
A wave that travels along a surface separating two media
Protects the eye, refracts some light
Frequency is measured in cycles per second
Has cells in the brain that detect light
Light that passes through matter
A wave that causes the medium to vibrate at right angles to the direction in which the wave travels
Causes sunburn
Transfer of energy as EM waves(plural of word)
Th rate at which a wave's energy flows
A unit that compares that intensity of different sound
The maximum displacement of the medium from its rest position
Useful to examine bones
Light wave changes direction after interacting with matter
The highest point of a wave above rest position
Opens and closes to control the size of the pupil