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A wave that travels along a surface separating two media
Transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves
Shortest wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum
Cells in the retina that detect shape and dim light
The frequency of a sound as you perceive it
Useful to examine bones
The maximum displacement of the media from its rest position
The time required for one cycle
Light passes through matter
2 or more waves overlap and combine together
The distance between a point on one wave and the same point on the next cycle of the wave
Very little or no light is transmitted
Cones in the retina do not detect red or green
The highest point of the wave above the rest position
Protects the eye, refracts some light
Frequency is measured in cycles per second
Cells in the retina that detect color and bright light
Light energy is absorbed instead of reflected
An area where the particles in a medium are spaced close together
Largest wavelength of the electromagnetic waves
The bending of waves around a barrier or through an opening
The lowest point below the rest position
A technique for determining the distance to an object under water
Opens and closes to control the size of the pupil, gives the eye color
An area where the particles and the medium are spread out
A change in sound frequency caused by motion of the sound source, motion of the listener or both
Sends info over long distances
The rate at which a waves energy flows through a given area
Number of complete cycles in a given time
Light is transmitted easily
Light bounces off the surface
The area where the particles in a medium are spread out
Some light is transmitting and some is scattered
The material through which a wave travels
A unit that compares the intensity of different sounds
Light wave changes direction after interacting with matter
Longitudinal waves- compressions and rarefactions that travel through a medium
A physical response to the intensity of sound, modified by physical factors