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Consumer Law/Education

Teacher: Cremins
A drink made from grapes.
The world's funnest sport.
A high card.
People who trick others into signing contracts that are unfair are guilty of this crime.
One who is designated to receive the benefits of a life insurance policy.
A person who owes money.
What you are in if you owe more money than you have.
The law favors this type of contract.
Hard water.
The term for when money is taken directly out of a person's paycheck in order to be given to his creditors.
The guy who calls balls and strikes.
Not nice.
A guarantee from the seller of a product about the quality or performance of their goods.
Your credit history follows you for this many years (spell it out).
Famous Beatle's son "Let it ___."
Jim Morrison's famous band.
A bone in your chest.
A speeding ticket will usually end up with one of these being levied against you.
Blonde, brunette, etc.
Female parent.
A document that tells what to do with your stuff after you die.
Using opinion statements to promote a product.
Crackle and Pop's brother.
A dog of mixed breeding.
A hamburger holder.
Money charged by lenders to those who borrow money.
What humans breathe.
Money or property given as security in case someone is unable to pay a debt.
This is the term for when a bunch of people take their case to court together (2).
A person who buys goods or services.
A small area with lots of people.
A statement in a contract that denies responsibility if a product is used improperly.
The term for when you sign the back of a check in order to cash it.
What spiders make.
The first woman.
The "Hot Corner" in baseball or softball.
Note after "Mi"
Like a diet, only it's for your money.
Borrowing money now and promising to pay for it in the future.
Minors who want to sign a contract generally need one of these.
Another word for kind.
Class where you learn how to draw.
Your favorite teacher.
What a witch uses to fly.
This is a deceptive sales practice where a store lures customers into the store with one item and then tries to sell them something else that's more expensive (3).
Another word for full automobile insurance coverage.
A person designated in a will to receive property from the deceased.
Annual Percentage Rate for short.
Life insurance policy that covers an individual for a set period of time.
Consumers who feel they've been taken advantage of could sue for justice in this type of court.
This is the term for what happens when a person writes a check for more than they have in their account.
What a Trick-or-Treater wears.
Type of car insurance that's required by Illinois law.
What you do when the light turns green.
A legal document between two individuals.
The monthly payment for a person who's buying their own home.
The term for balancing your income with how much money you can borrow.
A bunch of bees.
A violation of the law.
The crime of burning another person's property.
What you use to weigh yourself.
A single, double, triple or home run.
Not hers.
Opposite of yes.
Not out.