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Bible Women

Faith Assembly of God
Mother's Day 2018
The Egyptian wife of Joseph
Her husband led Israel out of Egyptian bondage
She was a prostitute and wife to the prophet Hosea
This woman was the first wife of Jacob.
The first and only female Judge of Israel
A wise mother-in-law
She was the wife of wicked Nabal and later King David
First the wife of Uriah and later of King David
The mother of Moses, Aaron and Miriam
She and her husband Aquila helped the Apostle Paul
King Ahasuerus replaced her as his wife
She was the only daughter of Jacob
She was the wife of King Agrippa before whom the Apostle Paul stood
Her sons were famous twins
She became Abraham's wife after the death of Sarah.
Her son was John the Baptist
Her son is the most famous person in the world
The Egyptian handmaiden of Sarah
The first mother of the world
Her grandson helped the Apostle Paul during his missionary journeys