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Psychology Study Game

Generalizations about group characteristics based on an individual assumption.
Freudian structure of personality that deals with the demands of reality.
Therapy that focuses on the client-therapist relationship.
Part of the brain attributed to memory
An individuals awareness of external events and internal sensations under a condition of arousal.
The reduction of personal identity and erosion of personal responsibility when acting as part of a group.
An individuals ability to recover from or adapt to difficult times.
Part of the brain that governs eating, drinking, sex, emotion and stress.
A biological equilibrium in the body.
The brain and spinal cord.
Any agent that causes a birth defect.
The period 1-2 weeks after conception
Strategies that suggest a solution but do not guarantee an answer.
Part of the brain that controls breathing and reflexes
You take a mysterious pill and then begin to hallucinate. You most likely consumed what drug?
Therapy that focuses on the individuals unconscious thoughts.
Maslows described motivation to develop one's full potential as a human being.
The first step in memory. The process by which information gets into memory storage.
Personality trait that makes individuals more likely to engage in social experiences
Placement of few limits on the child as a parent.
Where the ego refuses to acknowledge anxiety-producing realities.
An individuals biological inheritance/genes.
An individuals environment and social experiences.
A deprivation that energizes the drive to eliminate or reduce the deprivation.