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The American Revolution

After it was ratified congress proposed --- amendments to the constitution.
The United States created its first constitution, the Articles of ----
The branches had a system of ---- to ensure that one branch did not have too much power.
The federal government was split into three branches: executive, ----, and judicial.
The treaty of --- was in 1783 formally ending the war and formally recognizing the US as an independent nation.
In 1707, the United Kingdom of Great Britain was formed and was a mix of both England and ----
Britain owned --- and the thirteen colonies.
The --- guaranteed certain freedoms to the people.
The war ended after the Battle of --- in 1781.
An army was created through the continental congress and ---- was named commander in cheif.
The ---- dynasty ended with Queen Anne.
July--, 1776 congress approved the declaration of independence.
The constitution took effect after being ratified by --- of the 13 states.
The ---- revolution led to a system in Britain where the monarch and parliament shared power.
Fighting between Britain and the colonists officially began a the Battle of --- and Concord.
To receive funds, parliament passed the --- Act in 1765.
William --- expanded Britain's empire through the Seven Years' War.