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Author: Cole Sorosky
What happens when the ball comes in contact with the bat.
An attempt to hit the ball by simply dropping it close to the hitter usually as a surprise tactic.
What the players have on their hand.
What the player is wearing.
The player that throws the ball to the batter.
The shape of the baseball field.
What happens to the batter when a fielder catches the ball in the air.
What the batter gets when the pitcher throws four balls.
A runner reaching base without being tagged.
A ball hit by the batter that falls outside of the foul lines between first and third base.
What a batter uses to hit the ball.
The position right behind home plate.
What the catcher sits right behind.
What the pitcher throws.
What the batter gets when the ball bounces and then goes over the fence.
The team's star pitcher.