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History of Psychology

Psychologist that developed the stage theory of children cognitive development
Term for conscious awareness of emotions
Testing of computer intelligence’s ability to perform complex tasks
Greek idea that all caused events have a purpose
The distribution of a standard set of questions to a large same of respondents
Method that investigate and describe what it is that makes a given person unique
The second component of Babbage’s analytical machine
Ability to be aware of and reflect on one’s ability
Emphasized water as the basic element in the universe
The prevention from conscious dangerous thoughts or memories
Viewing history from the present
Developed psychosexual stages of personality throughout the lifespan
Formed the first experimental psychology laboratory
Descartes’s concept of a group of ideas in the human mind
Surgically removing small parts of organs to observe them
Identified the area of the brain used for speech
Founder of experimental social psychology
The study of people in terms of general dimensions or characteristics
The perception of continuous motion that occurs when observing a succession of slightly varying still images
Stated, “man is the measure of all things”
Process of inducing mental concentration and relaxation
Used rats to form the theory of latent learning
Established the modern field of comparative psychology