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Our Planets

Teacher: Madison Harris
Name the smallest planet.
What is the only planet that you can survive on?
What are the 4 planets that are closest to the Sun called?
What planet takes the longest to orbit the sun
Which set of planets have been known for thousands of years, the inner or the outer?
What planet spins in the opposite direction to the other planets?
Unlike the terrestrial planets, the Gas Giants have "what" orbiting them?
What adjective beginning with an "h" best describes the size of the outer planets?
What planet once had water on it?
What planet spins the fastest?
Earth takes about how many hours to spin on it's axis?
The inner planets are close to the sun, so they orbit the sun more quickly, whereas the Gas Giants orbit the sun more what?
What is one of the main gases in the Gas Giant's atmosphere?
What is the name given to the 4 planets furthest from the Sun?
Do the outer or the inner planets have more Moons?
The outer planets are like balls of gas with no surface, unlike the inner planets which have surfaces that are what?