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Ancient China

Teacher: Ms. Wells - 6th Grade - 3rd Period
First emperor of the Qin Dynasty.
A state of Ancient China.
The pattern of the rise and fall of dynasties.
A bone or shell used in Shang Dynasty religious rituals.
An Ancient Chinese philosophy based on the teachings of Laozi.
A philosophy stressing the strict use of laws to control behavior.
The overland trade route linking China to the West.
Study of basic truths and ideas.
A philosophy taught by Confucius that stresses proper relationships.
The network of appointed officials that assist in providing government.
Involving the continents of Europe and Asia.
The spread of ethnic ideas and customs to other areas of the world.
The Confucian idea of respect for one's parents and ancestors.
Ancient Chinese belief that a ruler had the gods' approval.
A picture or drawing that represents a word or idea.
A dynasty begun in 202 BC, which reunified China.