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Chemical Interactions

Name ________________________________
Date ________________  HR _____________
A ____________ property is a characteristic of a substance that can be observed without changing it chemically, such as size, shape, density, and phase
A particle made of two or more atoms that are held together with bonds
A chemical ________ is a process during which the atoms of starting substances (reactants) rearrange to form new substances (products)
not capable of being dissolved. Sand is insoluble in water.
the change of phase from liquid to gas
the change of phase from gas to liquid
material that can reduce energy transfers
A substance which cannot be broken down into smaller substances by chemical or physical processes.
an increase of volume
a subatomic particle with a negative charge
a group of elements that stretch, bend, and conduct heat and electricity
an attractive force acting between atoms
a subatomic particle that has a positive charge
a condition in which a system is experiencing no net change
a substance defined by a particle composed of two or more different kinds of atoms
to change phase from liquid to solid