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Women in Nevada History

NAME: _____________________________
HIST 110
Essie Shelton Jacobs' position with the Culinary Workers' Union
"First Lady of Gambling"
President of LV Culinary Workers' Union 226
DD Cotton became the first African American ____ in Las Vegas
Founder of The Meadows School
She was of Mexican immigrant background and often worked as an ______ for physicians
What institute did Carol Harter become Executive Director of after leaving the UNLV Presidency?
Carolyn Goodman's current job
Patricia Cafferata was elected Nevada first female____
Selma Bartlett has always worked in this industry
The first hotel to hire women to work the front desk
Geoconda Arguello-Kline fled Nicaragua as a
May Shockley worked as what in Tonopah, Nevada?
She reached much success by tapping into Circles of Power unattainable by other black women
Cynthia Cunningham fought to eliminate this in schools
"First Lady of Las Vegas"
She became a professional dancer at age 15
Despite its potential to create thousands of jobs, Congresswoman Shelley Berkley was against this federal project
She was denied a teaching position because she was pregnant
She was the first Hispanic to lead the Culinary Workers' Union
Her fist job was as a clerical worker at the Nevada Test Site
She kept the Hacienda Hotel-Casino in the spotlight using her good looks for promotional efforts
She created the Nevada Women's History Project
Served on the NV State Parks Commission and later served in the NV legislature