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Civil War Crossword Puzzle

What was the nickname given to Thomas Jackson?
Which battle was the bloodiest?
What was the capital of the Confederacy?
Where was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?
Where did Robert E. Lee surrender to Grant on April 9, 1865?
What general replaced McClellan?
Which side was mostly against slavery?
Who was the President of the Confederate States of America?
Who is the person that led a raid on Harper's Ferry?
Which general lead a path of total war to the Atlantic Ocean?
Which state was the first state to secede from the Union?
Which union general became the 18th President and gave Robert E. Lee generous surrender terms?
Union soldiers wore what color?
What was the name of the Confederate charge in the Battle of Gettysburg?
What was the first battle of the Civil War?
Who was the President during the Civil War?
Who was the general who got fired for being too cautious?
Which amendment officially ended slavery?
Which confederate state was the Battle of Shiloh fought in?
Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?