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1. Wisconsin: Its People, Economy & Government

Milwaukee Socialists who wanted clean streets, a new sanitation system and city-owned water & power
The political ideas that were predominant around the time of Andrew Jackson's presidency including legislative districting, majority rule & rotation of office
One who comes from a new country to take up permanent residence
Early Wisconsin settlers who came from New York & New England
Farming in which the farmers mainly grow enough food to feed themselves & their families
The system of producing, distributing & consuming goods & services in a state, region or nation
Using University of Wisconsin resources to provide practical assistance to the people of the state, regardless of location
Someone seeking a safe place, especially to avoid war or persecution
Originally a faction of the Republican Party competing with the more conservative Stalwarts for party control
District that provides highly specialized services
The promotion of tourist travel, especially for business purposes
The process of converting raw materials into finished goods
Producing & distributing farm commodities, equipment & supplies
To give up claim to or ownership of specific lands; yeilding land to another
Change or improvement in government accomplished by altering its form or removing faults or abuses
The right to vote
A contract in writing between two or more political authorities