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Alexander the Great Crossword, Extra Credit

An astronomer who believed that Earth was round and measured Earth's circumference.
Scientists who study the stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies.
You had to speak the Greek Language in order to hold--- (2 words)
Alexander defeated the Persian army here and freed the Greek cities in Asia Minor.
What a person leaves behind when he or she dies.
The subjects of the Hellenistic Era plays. (3 words)
Recorded the History of Ancient Greece
He became the king of Macedonia after his father Philip died.
Developed by a Phoenician named Zeno who believed that happiness comes from reason not emotion.
A powerful kingdom that lay north of Greece.
The place where Alexander began his conquest of the Persian Empire in 334 B.C. (3 words)
Greek writer who wrote the epic poem, Argonautica,recounting the legend of Jason and his band of heroes. (3 words)
The time when Greek language and ideas spread to non-Greek areas of southwest Asia. (2 words)
The most famous scientist of the Hellenistic Era.
A lawyer who tried to warn the Athenians about Philip but it was too late.
Emerged after Alexander's empire ended.
The city built by Alexander the Great which became one of the most important cities in the ancient world.
A famous Greek mathematician who described plane geometry.
The Macedonians defeated the Greeks here called The Battle of -----.
He needed to unite Greece with Macedonia to defeat the Persian Empire.