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Mother's Day 2018

A satirical film, or Caller ID fraud
A gift from all of us
Yacht Brand
Oldest brother, in the South
Who Mr. T might have been (if he had studied harder)
Where a fish does NOT have scales
Film speed standard
The M in OMG
A meal fit for...
"I have no more cards!"
Afton Mountain Vinyards (or Army Motor Vehicle)
Rodent Residents of central FLA
How many of me there are, per Big Bird
The "term" of 20 across
John B, for one
Bert & Ernie and Simon & Garfunkel are two examples
Someone tried to be adroit, but they just didn't have "it"
The last two letters in every high school's initials
Tyrant's Territory off I-95
What the doe said to the fawn, and the hunter said to his wife?
New Star Wars film
Electronic Voting Machine, or Extra Value Meal
A type of moron
Scaly Serpent in Williamsburg
"The answer was obvious"
Japanese Greeting, after "Kon"
'Who you're gonna call' if your problem is more vehicular than ectoplasmic
Vietnamese capital
A Betty who is neither Ann nor Byrd
The bane of teenagers
A cross with a loop on top
When Sloane Stephens needs a replay?
Nickname for the youngest Pittman
Post and box are two types of this
Tattooing is sometimes referred to as the "Art _____"
"It bet this, Deddy..."
The first to be Second and the second to be First
The first two initials of two Pittman family members
Robinson, Wilson, or "O"
Someone who makes commercials
A young ami
Bochco or Seagal
The bloodhound who sniffs out a trail and the unshowered man who covers up with cologne might both be said to be doing this
Interest rate for protected securities; or, One is a suave secret agent, one sits at the end of the bar on Cheers
The opposite of 39 down
A family relation whose pronunciation is in dispute
Acronym for a figure in a criminal investigation who has been questioned, but not yet charged
The owner and predecessor of 36 across are both located here
How diamonds start and an encyclopedia ends
Poet Nash, who wrote "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker"
Algebra's expected outcome
Beat poet, who wrote "On the Road"
Justin Timberlake told them "Bye Bye Bye"
If you're asking for another toy, this is the answer
A prefix, or a hotel
Vietnamese sweet rice
An "Association" acronym that can describe District Attorneys in Lousiana, Learning Disabled specialists in Arkansas, or Line Dancers in Australia
Kung fu actor, like 8 down
Acronym for the Business Alliance in Sugar Hill, Georgia
A village that went missing
A turtle's nickname