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Serf Vocabulary

Teacher: Kyle Lowder
A man who is a member of a religous order and lives in a monastary.
Possesing hereditary rank in a political or social class.
A javelin
A fee paid to a vassal by his lord for his service.
A large fortified builiding with thick wall usually dominating the surronding country.
A fight between two mounted knights using lances.
A person who held land from a fuedal lord and recieved protection.
A man of high rank in a feudal society.
A deep wide ditch surronding the castle.
A nobleman who served a king as a mounted man-of-arms.
A member of a servile class bound to the land and subject to the will of it's owner.
A traditioinal young male servant
A person who looks after the passengers on a ship and brings them meals.
A formal group that has a common interest.
A definsive covering made of metal wood or leather, worn to protect the body against weapons.