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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Geography Review

If an answer has more than one word, do not include the spaces.
The continent in which the United States resides.
Level of comfort enjoyed by a person or society.
This religion's place of worship is the mosque.
The right to vote.
Average income in a country per person.
Weather patterns over time.
Useful things found in nature.
Common aspects in groups; includes music, art, food, clothing, etc.
Followers of this religion believe in Karma and Reincarnation.
In this type of economy, the individual is the most important.
The spread of false information to gain support for a cause.
In this type of economy/government, the government and the leaders are most important.
A reason for colonization; people felt proud that their country controlled others.
The largest continent on planet Earth.
A percentage of people who do not have a job in that country.
Living without basic necessities in life: food, shelter, and/or clothing.
The basic physical and organizational structures needed for society.
The process of the world becoming more connected.
This religion's symbol is a cross.
The moving of jobs to a place where workers are willing to work for less money.
Life _______: How long a person is likely to live in a certain country.
This occurs when governments do not allow information into a country (or change it to fake news).
This religion's teacher said followers could achieve nirvana through right living.
A leader of a country with complete control.
The holy book for this religion is a Torah.