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Who was elected U.S congressmen in 1929
Navy General in charge of the pacific fleet
One of many allies during WWII
One of the Worst dust storms in American history
Another name for a dust storm
Vise president of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
32nd President of the U.S
African American soldier who was noted for their bravery at Pearl Harbor
Country who attacked the U.S. to bring them into WWII
A war that lasted 6 years
Most decorated American soldier of world war 2
State that helped fuel airplanes, tanks and trucks
Blocked sunlight for hours
34th president of the U.S
What fell by 40% during the crash in 1929
Longest and worst depression in U.S history
What did some people use during dust storms to prevent suffocating?
Governor of Texas from 1938 - 1941
First female governor of Texas (Last name)
A result of the great depression
Program enacted by FDR to help create jobs and improve the economy
The destination of Pearl Harbor