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Science and Math Vocabulary Words

Ponds between freshwater and oceans that are saltier than freshwater
An idea based on evidence and reasoning
A concentraion of dissolved salts in water
The first step in The Scientific Method in which you identify a mystery
A triangle with all the same side lengths and all angles of 60 degrees
An experiment in which only ONE THING is changed
A six-sided shape
A shape with nine sides
The final step in The Scientific Method in which you decide whether to accept or reject you hypothesis
An explanation or hypothesis that has been repeatedly tested
A polygon whose sides are all the same length is called a _______polygon
The third step in The Scientific Method in which you make an educated guess about what to expect
Lakes with no outlet to the sea
When a scientist kills a plant or animal in order to study it
A small fairy shrimp that lives in salty pools and lakes
A triangle in which no two sides have the same length
Any closed shape with 3 or more sides
A 3D shape with polygons at both ends
A triangle with two equal sides
The range of conditions an organism can tolerate
The one thing you change in an experiment
The fifth step in The Scientific Method, in which you record your observations and analyze what the data means.
Any angle less than 90 degrees
Any angle more than 90 degrees
Tells whether a hypothesis was correct, the last step of The Scientific Method
A shape with seven sides
The fourth step in The Scientific Method in which you test out your hypothesis
A "best guess" based on some research
A mathematical term the means "the same"