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Stoichiometry and Chemical Reactions

By Natalie Amoateng
Block 2
A conversion factor derived from the coefficients of a balanced chemical equation interpreted in terms of moles (2 words)
A + B ----> AB
The portion of chemistry involving the calculation of quantities of substances involved in chemical reactions
The mass of one mole of a substance (2 words)
AB ---> A + B
The percent by mass of each element in a compound (2 words)
AB + CD ----> AD + CB (2 words)
An ionic compound is dissolved in water and is split up into aqueous ions
The volume occupied by 1 mole of a gas at STP (22.4 L) (2 words)
6.02 X 10^23 (2 words)
number in front of a balanced formula telling how many molecules of that element or compound are present
A + BC ---> AC + B (2 words)
An acid i added to a base
a representation of a chemical reaction that uses symbols to show the relationship between the reactants and the products (2 words)
The ratio of the actual yield to the theoretical yield expressed as a percent (2 words)
The amount of product that could form calculated from a balanced chemical equation (2 words)
The amount of product that actually forms when the reaction is carried out in the laboratory (2 words)
A compound containing carbon and hydrogen are burned in the presence of oxygen
Amount of substance