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Math Vocabulary

A function that creates a "V-shaped" graph
To reduce or put in simplest terms
Two lines that have the same slope
A straight line that shows a constant rate of change
Occurs when an quantity increases at the same rate in each time period.
less than, greater than, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to
Occurs when an quantity decreases at the same rate in each time period.
The point where the graph crosses the Y axis
The number used to divide by each previous number to obtain the next number.
A special RELATION where each abscissa (x- coordinate) is paired with only one coordinate(y-coordinate).
A sequence in which each term is found by ADDING the same number to the previous term.
A sequence in which each term can be found by multiplying the previous term by the same number.
To multiply out the parts of an expression. Distributing is the opposite of factoring.
The difference in y values divided by the difference of x values. Also known as rise over run.
A set of ordered pairs.
The point or points where graphs "touch
On the coordinate plane, the pair of numbers giving the location of a point (ordered pair).
A math sentence that contains an equal sign
X value
A math statement that only contains numbers, variables, and operations