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A Mother's Day Puzzle for U (2018)

Make a trilling sound
File with a metal instrument
__-40, 1980s ska band
Catches a radio program
Likely to
Not allowed
Loose Hawaiian dresses
Beasts (not priests)
O Come All ___ Faithful
Laminate flooring
Down (even though across)
Gradually changing scale
Without a stopping point
Law assuring handicapped assist.
Mathematical +/- function
Diarist Nin
Bashful, but beckoning
Dorothy's Man
To come next
The worst way to go to pieces
Yours, in Spain
Spices that entice
Ancient Roman brass instrument
Creator of Narnia
It's just ______ of the times
Equivalent to GMT
Called on as a ref.
Hawaiian combo platter
Jesuit school in Buffalo N.Y.
Composer Cohen, to his friends
Gentleman in denial of eyesight difficulties
Not later
Reeves who's not a super actor
How 43 Across entices you
Added materials
Vowels throughout this puzzle
Soothing, as to sleep
Free from burden
Southern soldiers 1861-65?
Norse heaven (not Ikea)
Sisters of tus mama
Blowup of smaller pic
Cheap noodle packet
Suddenly controversial Simpsons character
Not the brightest
South American country with 2 World Cup titles
______ Buddies, 80s sitcom
Eastern mentor
Threaten with harm
Abbreviated list of meditative exercises
Atlanta-based news network
Cajun ham
Misprinted book by L Ron Hubbard?
Last one _____ a rotten egg!
Something we all spent equally fast
Vidi (to Caesar)
Removes the seal around the tub
Empty spaces--really empty
Fraud that makes you think the taxman is after you
Power figure
Nice ceiling!
3-way current
Salve or balm
Powerful New Hampshire family
Sch. in Columbus, OH
Like Sonny and Cher
Alcoholic ending
Another alcoholic ending
Neutral country in Eur.
Poet Cummings