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Human Impact - Earth Science

Hazy, yellow-brown blanket of smog found over cities that is formed with the pep of sunlight, contains ozone near the Earth's surface, and can damage lungs and plants
Volume of water that flows past a specific point per unit of time
Device that lowers sulfur emissions from coal-burning power plants
Conservation method in which old materials are processed to make new ones
Pollution that enters water from a large area and cannot be traced to a single location
Substance with a pH lower than 7
Careful use of resources to reduce damage to the environment through such methods as composting and recycling materials
Scale used to measure how acidic or basic something is
Area where garbage is deposited and covered with soil and that is designed to prevent contamination of land and water
Pollution that enters water from a specific location and can be controlled or treated before it enters a body of water
Total number of individuals of one species occupying the same area
Acidic moisture, with a pH below 5.6, that falls to Earth as rain or snow and can damage forests, harm organisms, and corrode structures
Substance used to keep insects and weeds from destroying crops and lawns
Water that goes into drains and contains human waste, household detergents, and soaps
Colorless, odorless gas that reduces the oxygen content in the blood, is found in car exhaust, and contributes to air pollution
Poisonous, ignitable, or cancer-causing waste
Fine solids such as pollen, dust, mold, ash, and soot as well as liquid droplets in the air that can irritate and damage lungs when breathed in
Conservation method in which yard wastes such as cut grass, pulled weeds, and raked leaves are piled and left to decompose gradually
Chemical that helps plants and other organisms grow
Maximum number of individuals of a given species that the environment will support
Any substance that contaminates the environment
Substance that causes chemical reactions to happen more quickly
Substance with a pH above 7