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Renaissance Crossword

Who began his voyage around the world during this period?
A Dutch priest and writer Eramus brought this philosophy to this period.
The Portuguese invented this type of sailing ship.
This period caused a divide in the Catholic Church.
Who posted the 95 Theses?
Someone who is kicked out of the church is this.
A young boy who learns a skill from an experienced master.
Who painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
A weapon of the period.
The average person during the Renaissance was called this.
Who wrote the poem the "Divine Comedy?"
A tight fitting buttoned jacket worn by men.
What famous painting did Leonardo da Vinci paint?
An art style where figures are distorted and strange colors are used.
A dance developed during this period that includes flowing steps and poses.
Queen Elizabeth ruled England in a period call this.
Johannes Gutenberg invented this.