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Module 1 - Law and Ethics Review

Any health related information that identifies a patient
Signed after explaining the procedure and its risks to the patient
A CMS implemented program to measure accuracy of Medicare payments
Can be carried by physicians, nurses, PAs and MAs
An action that is inconsistent with accepted medical and business practices
Law that prohibits a physician to refer to another physician where he has financial relationship
The amount of care that is reasonable and expected based on the provider's training
A publication where legal and regulatory information can be found
Creates the standards that protect PHI and how it can be used
Adopts the standards and safeguards how PHI is collected, maintained, used and transmitted
Allows the US to recover monetary damages due to false claims
Allows a private citizen to bring a civil suit on behalf of the Federal government
Basic components are: conduct appropriate training and education, designate a compliance officer and enforce disciplinary actions
Release or transfer of information
A wrongful act that leads to damages
Restricting access and maintaining the privacy of patient information
An intentional act of deception
A company that recoups money for Medicare