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French 3: Les divertissements

Sherlock Holmes is a major character in these types of novels.
We don't want too much of this in our lives.
We have these to change the channel.
4 is a TV _____.
Advertisers pay big bucks for these on the Super Bowl.
This is a show that is NOT pre-recorded.
A male who acts
This is a synonym for protagonist.
This person is in charge of filmmaking.
You watch this to find out if your game will be rained out.
You can get this on CNN.
Saving Private Ryan is an example of this type of film.
This is something unexpected.
Anderson Cooper is one of these.
Friends or Grey's Anatomy are examples of this.
You will definitely get this on ESPN.
You prefer that I put these on if we're watching a video in French.
A female who acts
Jana says that these films are normally black and white.
People on The Voice or American's Got Talent hope to become one of these.
Hamilton is an example of this.