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Economics Class

What is the signature on the back of a check called?
Type of interest, interest is NOT added to PRIN at period's end
Rtirement account where the dollars go in PRE-TAX
Auto-pull from bank
Type of Interest, Interest added to PRIN @ period's end
Difference between gross income and net income on a paycheck
What do you write in the memo check line if you think you owe no additional moneys after the payment
A share of ownership in a company
In a corporate retirement plan there are potentially two parts to each contribution: the employee and ?
Federal and State Tax based on income
Planning ahead for how you will spend your money
Legal documents for a car/apartment that explains the rules
Type of tax - social security and FICA
Person 2 P $ transfer
Accumulation of how you pay your bills - and reflects a good/bad performance
BAsket of Stocks, traded once a day
Yield on an investment or the expense of a loan
After Tax Retirment Account