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Terms with the same variable raised to the same power, of terms that have the same radical expression
An equation stating that two ratios are equal in value
A number that is multiplied by a variable in an algebraic term
The input values in a function
In a power the number that is used as a factor the number of times indicated by the exponent
A number, variable, product or quotient in an expression
The number that indicates how many times the base is used as a factor
A number raised to a given exponent
Ration of circumference to the diameter of a circle
The point (0,0) on a coordinate plane where the x and y axis intersect
The number under a radical sign
A number whose cube root is a whole number
A number written with a base and an exponent in the form of a^b
A linear equation that can be expressed in the form y=mx
The widest part of a circle
Angles that lie on the same side of the transversal and parallel lines
Multiply the exponents
An angle that measures 180 degrees
Lines that lie on top of one another
One of three equal factors of a number
Angles that is on the inside a polygon and has its vertex formed by two sides of the polygon
A value that does not change
A transformation that changes the size of a figure according to the scale factor
The distance of a number from zero on the number line
A symbol that shows that the first quantity has lesser value than the second quantity
The number 10 is used as base with an exponent
A mathematical arrangement of numbers connected by one or more operation
The number of cubic units that is inside a three dimensional figure
A number, variable, product, or quotient in an expression