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Geography Fun :)

Line graph on a climate graph represents
These imaginary lines on earth's surface that converge on the north and south pole
These types of gases result in global warming
The third planet from the sun
The study of the earth and its people
This parallel of latitude is at 23.5 degree N
Population has __ stages
Graphs need
A part of the population that is supported by the working group
Another word for rain, snow, hail, etc.
This is the ultimate source of energy in the earth's atmosphere
The earth spins on this
An extreme weather event that brings thunder and lightening
An extreme weather event that produces the highest winds
People ages 15-64
Parallels of these help determine our location on earth north or south of the equator
Capital of Canada
Rule of 70
Violent shaking of the earth's surface
The dates in the year when there is equal daytime and nighttime
An extreme weather event involving long periods of rain
A must have for any map
Study of people populations
A measure of the amount of water held in the air as a gas
We use these kinds of graphs to check weather patterns
The meridian of longitude that is also known as the Greenwich meridian
The line separating two countries
Toronto's Climate region
The highest landforms
People who enter a new country
Population pyramid has many ________ if it is filled at the Top
A form of solid precipitation
Number of births per 1000 people
A type of rainfall caused by moist air being forced to rise up a mountain
0 degrees latitude