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Seventh Sunday of Easter May 13th, 2018

Eric plays one of these.
Let us ___and be glad in it!
The end of ___and the beginning of service!
Let each of you look not to your own ____, but to the interests of others.
The name of the Scripture for today can be found in the New Testament
Wrote the hymn God of the Women.
Our____, who art in heaven...
Said at the end of prayers.
We are part of the ___Church of Christ.
___bids us to come.
Seventh Sunday of____
Do nothing from___ambition or conceit,..
, make my___ complete: be of the same mind.
Rev. Tomi gives this.
Collecting the offerings
: be of the same mind
Find ___deeper than your worry.
God became one in this story to show that he was humble and not better than anyone else.
Name/acronym used for randomly doing kindness
Name for a song that we sing