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Art 1 Review Crossword 2

Arrangement of elements. Asymmetrical symmetrical or radial.
Achieved when components of a work of art are in harmony.
Black + Red
Personal preference in colors by the artist.
In a work of art, the dominant color.
2 types, actual and implied.
Colors organized, examples are; warm and cool.
Refers to the repetition or reoccurrence of a design or element.
Colors spaced an equal distance apart on the color wheel.
Ranging from the reds to the oranges and yellows.
The group of colors ranging from the greens through blues and violets.
Black, gray and white can be mixed to change the value of a color in this type of scheme.
Can not be produced by combining other colors.
To the viewer, the closest area in a landscape.
The visual appearance of a city or urban area in a landscape.
Examples can be one light and one dark or opposite colors on the color wheel.
They form paint or dye when mixed with vehicle/binder
A center of interest, the place where your eyes first land in an artwork.
Wavelength of reflected light.
Suggestion of movement through the use of various elements.