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Passover Crossword

Teacher: Bonnie Lustig
First plague
We spill one ____ of wine when each plague is recited, to remind us that Egyptians suffered, too.
The book that we read at the seder is Hebrew for "telling."
The Hagaddah begins the Passover story with "We were ______ of Pharaoh in Egypt."
Moses' brother
Hebrew name for the holiday that takes place on the 15th day of Nisan, one month after Purim and seven weeks before Shavuot. It is also called the Festival of Spring, the Festival of Matzot, and the Festival of Freedom.
We drink four cups at the seder.
Every seder ends with: "Next year in _________."
Punishments inflicted on the Egyptians.
Ruler of Egypt
Why is this night different from all other _______?
This plague was the most dreadful of all.
Told Pharaoh: Let my people go!
We begin the seder by reciting this.
Number of questions, number of cups of wine.
Second plague
The seder _____ includes green vegetable, boiled egg, charoset, bitter herb and lamb bone.
One of the mitzvot of Pesach is to eat this at the seder. We eat this unleavened (unrisen) bread on Passover to remind us that our ancestors escaped from Egypt too quickly for their bread to rise.
"Let all who are hungry come and ___."
Half of the middle matzah, which is hidden. Meaning "dessert," it is the last thing at the seder that is eaten.
Hebrew for "order"
"It would have been enough for us," e.g., being taken out of Egypt, being given the Torah, being given Shabbat. We sing this during the part of the seder that tells the Passover story.
Foods made from flour that has risen. Not eaten on Pesach.
Bitter herb dipped in charoset, eaten between two pieces of matzah at the seder: Hillel ________.
Made of apples, nuts and wine, this reminds us of the mortar used to make bricks by the Israelite slaves.
The sea that split for the Israelites to cross is sometimes called the Red Sea, and sometimes called the Sea of _____.
Lit before beginning the seder.
We dip greens into salt _____ to remind us of tears.
Moses' sister
"In every generation, a person must consider himself to have been freed from slavery in _____."
Bitter ____ reminds us of the bitterness of slavery.