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Year 8 Science

Material that does not let light through
Unit of sound
Part of ear that changes vibrations into electrical impulses
Small air sacs in lungs
Table of elements
Method of separating mixtures using paper
Used to split light into colours of the spectrum.
A pair of muscles that work together
Major muscle for breathing
Angle of reflection is measured compared with this.
A point that something turns about
Unit of pressure
White light through a green filter
Between blue and violet in spectrum
Used for respiration
A measure of how likely something is to react
Should not be muddled up with respiration
Carries oxygen in blood
The blood system
Product of anaerobic respiration in animals (6,4)
When waves change direction at a boundary
A magnet that you can turn on and off
A scientific theory to test
One product of anaerobic respiration in plants
Unit of force