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mic lab final study guide

Created by ScientistCindy for PhunnyPhysiology.Com
The heated 1st step in PCR
A DNA ______ is used for the "priming" step in PCR
The P in RFLP
PCR is used in ________
Gel ________ uses a current to separate molecules based on size
PCR can be automated using a ____________
Smaller molecules travel ________ though the gel
Selective Media would contain the antibiotic that the plasmid was __________ to.
RFLPs are form by ________ enzymes
What Cleaves DNA
PCR makes more copies of a segment of ______
The exponential multiplication of DNA copies is called ________
Used to Insert Genes Into to Make Copies
Restriction Sites are usually ___________
DNA _________ (enzyme) adds on the nucleotides
__________ Chain Reaction
What is the Media Used for Identifying Transformed Cells
Heat ______ Method of Transformation