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Author: Zoe Mae Butler
Coastal inlets/bays where fresh water from rivers mixes with salty ocean water.
Hot water rises out of cracks in the ocean floor and is heated by the underlying magma.
Farming of saltwater/freshwater organisms.
Gently sloping, shallow area of the ocean floor that extends out from the edge of the continent.
Tiny algae and animals that float in the water and are carried by currents and waves.
Deepest, darkest area of the ocean beyond the edge of the continental shelf.
Metals that concentrate around shells, forming black lumps.
Area that stretches from the highest high-tide on land, out to the point on the continental shelf exposed by lowest low-tide.
System that uses sound waves to calculate the distance to an object.
Production of light by living things.
Range of mountains in the ocean.
Organisms that inhabit the ocean floor.
Smooth, nearly flat region of the ocean floor.
Steep incline beyond the edge of the continental shelf.
Area that extends from the low-tide line, out to the edge of the continental shelf.
Free swimming animals that can move throughout the water.
All the feeding relationships that exist in a habitat.
Canyon in the ocean floor.
Ring-shaped reef surrounding a shallow lagoon.