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Dane Bergman's Pennsylvania Crossword Puzzle

PA has a _____ climate.
Founder of PA "________ PENN"
PA city that was the nation's capital from 1790 to 1800.
PA is the 4th largest producer of this farm produced drink.
PA Congress where delegates met during the Revolutionary War.
Followed Penn to Penn land for religious freedom.
Rebellion in late 1700s after Congress put tax on whiskey.
In the west, this river is formed by the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers.
PA state flower "Mountain ______"
"Declaration of ____________" signed in PA during Revolutionary War.
Highest Court in the state established in 1722.
This Party won in PA from 1860-1930.
Minor rivers feed this large lake in the northwest.
PA has a large reserve of this special type of coal.
First person to discover the Ohio river.
PA is a top provider of this energy natural resource.
In the east this river is fed by the Lehigh and Schuylkill rivers.
Originally, PA territory was claimed by this country.
Current Governor of PA "Tom ____"
Large mountain range in PA.
Major war for which PA supplied all the metal.
The highest point in PA at 3213 feet.
PA State Song
PA is the second largest producer of this dessert.
PA state dessert
PA state nickname "_______ STATE"
PA state fish "_____ Trout"
This river in central PA drains the largest section of the state.
Very important part of the economy. Depends on visitors.
PA was one of the first states to object to the use of this human labor.
Pennsylvania State Dog "Great ____"
Location of major Civil War Battle and Lincoln's speech.
Type of freedom German, Mennonite and Amish settlers wanted.
Minor rivers feed this river in the southwest.
William Penn wrote this document to establish laws of PA.