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Advanced Algebra Crossword Puzzle

The numerical factor of a term
A comparison of two numbers by division
1 through infinity of whole numbers
Base-e logarithms
One of the four regions into which the x- and y- axes separate on the coordinate plane
The degree of the term (or terms) of highest degree.
The point at which two lines meet.
A function whose equation can be written in the form y = b and whose graph is a horizontal line.
A ____________ is a set of ordered pairs
The ratio of the rise to the run as you more from one point to another along a line
The point of intersection of the two axes in the coordinate plane
The coordinate at which a graph intersects the y-axis
When two fractions are compares, the _______________ is the product of the diagonals
An angle that measures between 0 and 90 formed by a horizontal ray and a ray from the observer to the object observed above.
The horizontal number line
1 through infinity
A mathematical sentence that contains an equals sign =
In an expression of the form X², X is the _____________
The lines within which the branches of the hyperbola lie, and which are approached by the branches as |x| increases.
The horizontal change in a line
A number that cannot be expressed as A over B ( A/B ) where A and B are both integers and B doesn't equal zero
The set of all the second coordinates from the ordered pairs in a relation (The Y values)
Pairs of numbers used to locate points in the coordinate plane
An expression consisting of one or more numbers and variables along with one or more arithmetic operations
The vertical number line
The vertical change in a line
The set of all first coordinates from the ordered pairs in a relation (The X values)
Representing any number in the range of the function f as f(x). in which x is the corresponding number in the domain.
The horizontal line in a graph that represents the independent variable
The set of numbers represented as {...-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3,...}
In an expression X², 2 is the ________________
In a multiplication expression, the quantities being multiplied are called the ____________
A number in a sequence