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Physical Science Ch16 Test Review

8 bits are in 1 ____; 1,024 ____ = 1 kilobyte
URIs are used to access info from the ____ ____ ____
used to access info on the world wide web
General-purpose computer designed to accommodate many users at once
Integrated curcuits are coated onto a wafer made of which material
discovered that cathode rays are actually streams of electrons
First general purpose electronic computer
Actual physical compents of the computer
Device that converts digital data -> analog data
A vacuum tube containing 2 electrodes
Flow of electric current through a vacuum from heated filament to positive electrode
The “brain” of the computer
A program stored in a form that the computer’s CPU can understand
A device that processes info using electronic circuits
Computer designed to perform few functions very efficiently
Most common type of transistor
Data that can have any possible value with a specified range
System & application are 2 examples of ____
number system is based on powers of 2
System that allows computer to store programs and info
A semiconductor device that can amplify weak signals and act as a switch
collection of programs that contains instructions for interpretation of computer users
single chip containing a complete CPU
System of using the internet to acess remote computer resources that store, process, and manage users’ data
Device that produces a single binary output based on one or more binary inputs
Versatile computer-directed machine that can be programmed to do different tasks without human assistance
More reliable, cheaper, MUCH smaller are 3 benefits of _____
Number system based on powers of 16
The branch of the study of electricity that deals with the behavior of electrons in a vacuum or in special materials
Used for temporary storgae
P-n ____ is used in a diode
World's largest computer network
coding system that uses one byte per character
Adding arsenic atoms to a crystal of silicon in order to increase conductivity
America’s first mass-produced computer
A material containing an excess of “holes” in the crystal lattice is what type of semiconductor
Pieces of information
Used for permanent storage