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Earth Science Final Vocabulary

The preserved remains or trace of an organism
Plates that move away from each other.
Plates that slide past each other.
When a mineral breaks evenly in smooth pieces
Burns up meteroids before they hit the earth.
The most abundant element on earth.
Closest to earth and where weather occurs.
Slow but most dangerous earthquake waves.
Layer plays move
Where ozone is located.
Plates that collide into each other.
The process that causes rock to turn to sediment.
The variable that is the result and what is measured in an experiment.
Scale that records earthquakes amplitude.
Last name of the man who led the Apollo 13 mission.
The outermost region of a planet's atmosphere.
A weak spot in the crust where magma from deep in the mantle melts through.
The state of the atmosphere at a place and time.
Caused by strike-slip fault
Magma turns into Igneous rock by...
The weather condition in an area in general or over a long period.
The variable that changes with in an experiment.
Rock turns to magma by...
Layer of the earth we live on.
Type of earthquake waves