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Ch. 3 - Biology & Behavior

Area of the brain that is responsible for voluntary movement and balance
Branchlike extensions of a neuron that receives impulses and conducts them to the cell body
White, fatty substance that insulates the axon and enables rapid transmission
Long tube-like structure that transmits messages away from the cell body
Brain structure that controls hunger, thirst, and the endocrine system
Chemical messenger that carries impulses across synapses between neurons
Brain structure that relays messages from the sense organs to the cerebral cortex
Part of the nervous system that consists of the brain and spinal cord
Part of the neuron that produces energy needed for activity in the cell
Part of the peripheral nervous system that controls voluntary movement
The bumpy, convoluted surface of the brain
Structure at the top of the brain-stem involved in respiration, movement, and sleep
Microscopic, threadlike structure in the nucleus of every living cell
Small fibers branching out from an axon
The basic building blocks of heredity
Part of the nervous system that consists of all the nerves connecting the body to the brain and spinal cord
Gap between axon terminal of sending neuron and dendrites of receiving neuron
Part of the peripheral nervous system that controls involuntary body functions
Chemicals produced by the endocrine system that regulate specific body functions
Structure at the base of the brain-stem that controls vital body functions