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Chapter 7 Review-Earth Science

Chemical reaction that occurs when carbonic acid reacts with certain minerals
Soil layer
Mixture that includes silt, sand, and clay
Weathering in which the chemical makeup of rocks does not change
Chemical change that occurs when oxygen reacts with another substance
Soil moved away from the bedrock it formed from
Removing or washing away of the minerals in soil
Breaking down of rocks and other materials on Earth's surface
Weathering that changes the chemical makeup of rocks
Solid rock that lies beneath the soil
Mechanical weathering caused by the freezing and melting of water
Decaying remains of plants and animals
Soil remaining on top of the bedrock from which it formed
Chemical reaction that occurs when minerals with little water content react with water
All the layers that make up the soil in an area
Size of soil particles
Rain containing acids produced by water chemically combining with certain gases