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Mark 5

Mark 5
Jesus realized that __had gone out from him after the woman touched his clothes, 5:30
The name the demons gave, 5:9
The length of time that the woman had been bleeding, 5:25
A large__ __ __ was feeding nearby... 5:11
..a man with an __ __ came to meet him, 5:2
"The child is not dead but __", 5:39
The man went to the __ to tell people what Jesus had done for him, 5:20
They went across the lake to this region, 5:1
A leader of the __ pleaded with Jesus, 5:22
The __begged Jesus to send them into the pigs, 5:12
The about number of pigs, 5:13
The phrase that means "Little girl, I say to you, get up!" 5:41
The name of the father who pleaded with Jesus for his daughter, 5:22
The woman touched Jesus' __ and was healed, 5:27
After the pigs were drowned, the people came and saw the formerly demon-possessed man in his __ __, 5:15