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French I: Paris Puzzle: do not put a space between words/do not include the article

Built for World Fair of 1889 to commemorate the centennial
Underground Ossuaries
Side of the Seine where the Latin Quarter is located
Residence of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette
Most famous avenue in Paris
Site of the Guillotine
Artist's neighborhood
Built in 1806 to honor Napolean's Army
Built for Queen Marie de Medici; site of the French Senate
Multi-purpose cultural center with exposed pipes and steel
Palais de Justice since the Middle Ages
Located between the Place de la Concorde and le Louvre
Wealthy area; features a large column topped by Napolean
Gothic cathedral with Rose Window, flying buttresses, and gargoyles
Built by Garnier, now holds tours and ballets
Former fortress and palace, now a museum holding the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo
Built as a symbol of hope after Franco-Prussian War; White church
Symbolic site of the beginning of the French Revolution
Popular garden for students
Center of student life
Great spot for a photo of La Tour Eiffel
Largest park in Paris
City Hall since the Middle Ages
Former train station, now a museum with "Starry Night"
Contains the remains of Napolean Bonaparte
River that runs through Paris