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History Semester Exam

Person who remained loyal to Britain
Gain power over other countries
Bitter hostility
Farm on someone else's property
Take supplies wherever they can be found
Make invalid
First black graduate of Harvard, professor at USC
Use of naval forces to stop shipping
Pardon granted to a large group of people
Serious downturn in economy
Fastest growing church in South during Reconstruction
Found not guilty
Industry that grew as result of railroad expansion
The right to vote
A tax
Small farmer
Southern whites who cooperated with blacks and Republicans
Company with complete control over a service or product
Accusations spread deliberately
Conflict involves all people and resources
Person who wanted to end slavery
Period when prices rise and money buys less
First black man elected to U.S. Congress
Supposed to return race relations to as before War
Protective wall
Two-house legislature
Restrict activities on Sunday
Power or influence
Officially approved
Surrounding a place to cut off its supplies