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Music Crossword

This is NOT an instrument.
Everyone's favorite chorus teacher.
Loud Dynamic
Can be used to play drums or are delicious when deep-fried.
How many strings on a violin?
How fast something is played.
Annoying member of the flute family.
The name of the keyboard amp in the room.
Quiet Dynamic
How many fingers most people have.
This is where you go to school.
Half quiet dynamic
Lowest brass instrument
Higher pitched woodwind.
What you're supposed to do over the weekend.
Sixteenth note
Bendy goose-instrument.
Everyone's favorite band director.
What is the name of Mr. Day's inflated glove friend?
Glorified slide whistle of the brass family.
Mr. Day doesn't know how to play this instrument.
Conductor's stick.
How many strings on a guitar?
Older genre of music.
Larger trumpet like instrument.
Trumpet players use this on their trumpets.
Half Strength dynamic
Largest drum
Greatest film composer of all time.
His pants equal a 360 degree quadrilateral. Has been known to live in a pineapple.
Brass instrument that can sound like a sick cow.
Treble or Bass
This goes in your face when you play a wind instrument. Flutes don't have one.
88 Keys
Whole Note
Half Note
Piece of sugar cane on a clarinet or sax.
Mr. Day really has no clue how to play this instrument.
American form of music.
One of Mr. Days favorite instruments.
Elf on a _____.
Lost his dad due to a Wildebeest incident.
To take a break from playing.
Quarter Note